Who we are

Youth in Digital Awareness is on a mission to empower people to enjoy using technology safely. As part of that mission we collaborate with organizations who share our vision.YDA aims to make a safe & secured digital world with the collaboration of youth across the border

Why YDA is here

Digital awareness is much more than just knowing how to use a computer. Digital awareness means that one is able to understand and utilize technology in an increasingly interconnected world Digital awareness includes being internet savvy, understanding the unstoppable growth in internet use for social and business purposes. Understanding digital awareness will benefit online trading and social media maintenance , it means understanding your online identity, protecting your online privacy, increasing your computer security, using social networking, protecting your digital assets and monitoring and promoting your business . So the young change makers need to work together for a secured digital world

Why Take Our Services

Awareness Networking

YDA want to develop a strong network for the like minded awareness activists across the globe . who wants a safe Digital world for the future


AS YDA works for creating Digital awareness ,so we arranges seminars for our activists & for the much population


we arranges Events on  various types of events  for making a bridge with  the knowledge  to  awareness


YDA  arranges summit on National & international  stage yearly as its routine  activity


we runs workshops for delivering the ongoing threats-opportunities-solution  for developing our youth for better digital world

Quick Support

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Our Excellent Team